You Want To Lose Weight? Face The Truth: Do You Need To?

You Want To Lose Weight? Face The Truth: Do You Need To?

Do you know the way to lose weight? I’ll tell you right now: Go to the moon, or at least in the space station. Jokes aside, “lose weight” is as much a trend as the web or phones. So what happened? Did everyone become fat when we set foot in the info age? No, but the answer does bring on the web.

Here’s the answer: First, we’ve learned to chase this perfect version of ourselves… that does not exist. Next, we keep so much gloom around us that we do not see the bright side of us anymore. Then, we have divided: A lot of us like to burst out, and the others bear it all. So we end up with a fake idea of ourselves: We need to lose weight.

Social Media And The 21st-century “Super Standards”:

Man has ever been a social being, but with social media, all of it fits into our palms. Yet to see and hear all is not a gift but a hex. For it makes us prey to fake makings of the mind and wants what we don’t need.

Full of fast, fit, buff dudes and cute, light, slim girls, the web fills you up with thirst. Plump guys can’t stay plump, but skinny ones need to gain weight. Don’t you see how the mind tricks us? So don’t tell your friends you must lose weight; be sure first.

“Skinny Fat” and “Fat Skinny”: 

Some of us know that our minds can deceive. So we’ve come up with words that we may use in speech and text to be precise. “Skinny fat” paints one who is fat though fine by his or her weight. “Fat skinny” would then paint one who is plump but is fine in terms of body fat.

If you’re skinny fat, it means your body has too much fat; you look fine, but you’re not. This can be hard as they all see you as healthy. But you need to trust your guts as they’ll never lie to you. Mind that it all lies in the severity.

Again, “fat skinny” sounds like that, but it is less of a problem. Though you look fat, you are well as far as science can tell. You may have your genes or habits to thank you for your size. So brush off those coarse remarks and sleep with peace.

When Not To Lose Weight:

Who of us has not felt sick on making a quick but bad choice? We’ve all thought on a sunny day: Now is the time to turn my life around, but we’ve failed many times. We fail to make ourselves fit as we start with all the wrong drives.

  • To impress:

There are many things wrong with this. For one, we don’t all find beauty in the same things. Second, if you feel like you need to lose weight to attract someone, it’s not your weight but your confidence. Last, it spreads the “follow train” view we’ve shed light on.

  • Out of spite: 

Of those who said “I’ll show them!” in films, how many fixed the issue? Yes, none; so if one angers you, it’s best not to let fury take over. For instance, bullying is not at all fine. But you need to get that the remarks don’t stem from your body! Rather, it is their minds.

  • To be happy: 

Let’s face it; “Just 5 more pounds to go for me to be happy” is like watching a pot boil. This girl spent so much time losing weight; and she did it: She says it made her feel terrible. In sum, don’t lose weight to fix problems it won’t fix.

  • For everyone’s doing it: 

Again, we come back to the heart of the issue, and that is social pressure. We soak up all that is out of us rather than all that is in us. Above all, we need to be wary not to take part in this ill hex of hate.

  • To not keep it: 

Summer is an excellent time to get fitter, but not if you don’t plan to stay that way; for then what’s the point? You will go back to the same old habits that made you unfit. If you decide to get fitter, do it for good to not waste your time.

The Right Time: 7 Signs You’re Getting Fat:

So here are the actual signs you need to lose weight.

  • Snoring: 

Sleep apnea and obesity are twins,” says a fellow at AASM. In short, snoring is a disease that comes from being fat. So if you snore, it may be time to lose weight.

  • Hypertension: 

A high heart rate is again a dire effect. Obesity is at its roots, too; but there is more at play than meets the eye. In short, keep your heart rate in check.

  • Social isolation: 

Studies pair being fat and social isolation, but each causing the other is on the cards. When you feel like you don’t belong, keep this in mind. It might be for your weight.

  • Being tired:

Obesity fuels its self. Fat people need to fill up on food as they can’t do light work when they do not. This makes them feel tired all the time, which only eating can solve.

  • High body-mass index: 

Your BMI says a lot about you from how in trim you are to what you should eat. A 33 BMI says you are obese. But a 19.5 BMI says you are in shape. (Find your BMI.)

  • Low confidence: 

When you feel like you can not do even small things, it may also be a sign. Eyes on your health make you have less faith in what you do. This entry represents emotional stress.

  • Doctor’s advice: 

Your doctor has other ways at hand to give you clear input. For this, he may look at your body fat level, frame, and past. You may take health officials on their words, too.

Do You Need To Lose Weight?

On a notepad, write these words next to tick boxes:

• I don’t snore; I sleep well.

• Also, I don’t have a high heart rate.

• When with my friends, I feel a sense of belonging.

• And I can lift a full bag without eating first.

• My BMI is in the normal range.

• Besides, I have faith in my skill.

• The doctor says I am in shape.

If you’ve kept 4 or more blank, you should lose weight, check out Top 5 Activities Can Help Obese People To Lose Weight.


Before you give all your time to a month-long workout plan to lose weight, please be sure first. Don’t listen to what others say; you are in charge of your own body. So use those quick cheap methods to know if you need to lose weight. In sum, don’t waste time out of spite.

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