How To Make Your Dream Garden?

How To Make Your Dream Garden?

Are you looking to makeover the garden or redesign the front porch? Well, if you lack the motivation to do it but you badly need to, you’re at the right place. Be thankful that you have a garden or a front porch that you need to get done. Having greenery around all the concrete jungle is a blessing like no other. When there are not enough outer-space people now try to create a green environment within their homes. So let’s make the maximum out of what we have. As going green and planting has taken form as a new trend, most people want to experiment them.

Dream garden on a budget

Who would not love to have fresh air, relaxation, and a cool environment? But if you sit back and just keep dreaming about a pleasant garden, nothing is going to happen. Go get up and see what you can do to have your dream garden. Make your own version of green beauty around you. Don’t overthink about the luxurious decors. There are more fulfilling ways to have an adorable garden. If you want to get closer to nature and not add more trouble, you’ll adopt a minimalistic style for which you don’t have to spend much.

You don’t have to hire a gardener and let him do the magic for you. Get your hands dirty and enjoy the process. Study your place, the amount of space you have, and how you can make it over. Put a rough sketch of how you need your garden to look like. To begin with, make it a habit to clean the garden and get rid of the weeds. This alone will want you to take the next step. Check the state of the soil, if you need to replace or add fertilizer, do it. Then put a minimal budget and purchase some plants and environment-friendly pots and deco. Get down to work. If you live with the family get help from them. Don’t get overwhelmed by the luxurious plants and deco. Just try to make your garden with whatever available. All that matters is your dedication and commitment to what you do.

Time to give life to your dream

Walk-in and around your home, you’ll have plenty of things you no longer use. Collect a ton of them and keep aside. Let your creativity work. Wash and clean them. See how you can cut, chop, and paste to make flower pots, wall hangers, pot stands, and bird births. If possible paint, color or furnish and give them a pleasant look. You can do the same if you can collect tree trunks, stones, and husks. You don’t have to do it all at once. You can incorporate one by one when you find things. When you go on an outing to a riverside or into the woods look around for pieces of wood and stone. You can cut tires and make rubber vases; you can use them to plant some big ornamental plants or even vegetables. You can plant orchids or lettuce in them and have them as a hanging deco. Use colored stones to make small portions of veggie plots or flower beds. You can even have a birdbath of your choice. Will you ever forget to find some climbing roses, jasmine, and lavender plants? Plant a few of them again if you have space. Every morning you’ll wake up to their scent and you’ll thank yourself for the time and trouble you took to plant them. To add to the richness you can spread some grass of your choice in your garden premises. If your garden covers a large area, think of having a seating area and a pond to have some beautiful fishes. Make your own cute furniture using tree trunks and large stones. Most of all, see whether you have enough privacy, think of planting bushes and herbs to fix it. Have a lawn for kids too. You also can do your own research and come with your creativity to beautify your garden. This could seem too much for anyone who needs to make over the only available front porch. Don’t worry; just do everything that could be possibly done within your space. It could take just one little thing to light up your garden. Relax, you have your whole life to glitter your garden. Good Look with it! 

Don’t forget your vegetable plot 

I know how hard it’s to grow and nurture vegetables. But your dream garden wouldn’t be complete without a portion of vegetables grown. Start small, plant whatever is easy first. Plant chilies, green leaves, tomatoes, and brinjal. It would take quite a bit to fight pests and get them good. Do some research and try to make pesticides at home. A simple pesticide would be a blend of ginger, garlic, and dried tobacco leaves. You can spray it whenever you see they try to wither or show unusual signs. Please don’t buy a lot of plastic for growing plants, try to use tins and cans, so it’s at least reused. Make use of wooden boxes, degradable cardboards, and clay pots. To sow the seeds and get seedlings you can use passion fruit shells. Likewise, find out eco-friendly options to do your gardening. Try to make the maximum out of the land available. Make it pest free and add natural fertilizer. Then test by planting something easier to grow. Later you can add more veggies and fruits if necessary, depending on the space you have. By the way, don’t forget to plant a few trees that can give you fruits and shade, if you have enough space. One day your children or grandchildren can enjoy having a classic tree swing made of wood and rope. Last but not least, plan to produce organic compost fertilizer using kitchen and garden wastes. 

It would take about six months or even more to get your garden fully done. Make sure all your efforts don’t go wasted. Be consistent in taking care of your garden. Nurture and water them regularly and see how fulfilled you feel.

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