Do You Desperately Want To Lose Those Extra Pounds?

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Are your pants too tight? Do you feel uneasy? Don’t you feel comfortable walking out feeling yourself? Don’t worry; you’re not alone in the boat. It has become so common and thank God you can always lose those extra pounds. Shockingly it has become so easy to gain weight within a very short period of time. Our lifestyles have rapidly changed. It has left us with a lot of comfort and luxury which has made life easy. However we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that it has made life difficult in various other ways. Overweight has become one of such problems that need to be addressed.

Before you get on the journey of losing weight

In order to deal with the issue of overweight we can’t draw common rules for every obese person to follow. If you are desperate to lose weight and don’t know where to start from, you have to study yourself first. Just because you read and got to know how to lose weight, it’s not advisable to get started on them right away. Your health condition, your age, are you an exercise person? If so, how much do you exercise? How much weight do you need to lose? Are all questions that you have to ask yourself before you start on your weight loss plan. The best thing you could do is to consult a dietitian and to come up with a suitable plan for you.

As a person who has stumbled on losing weight I understand the importance of proper medical advice. I had to do a lot of research and get to know what would work the best for me. Getting through cutting down meals, exercising, trying out home remedies to reduce fat and being consistent and motivated is a long hustle that I’m trying to hold on to. The most important thing of it all is to believe that it’s a journey and not a destination. You can lose those extra pounds and be happy, but that’s just when the game is on. It’s nothing humanly impossible. All you need is to be consistent.

And the carb comes in……

Carbs have become so inevitable in our diet. With all the marketing and advertisements around of processed carb foods, it has become a struggle to keep away from them. The way to escape this is to keep our dream to stay slim and healthy alive. We should be conscious of the food that we take in. I know how tempting it is to munch on a few cookies lying around the kitchen counter every time you pass by. We have to accept the fact that it does no good to our body and only adds to the trouble. So slowly learn to cut back on the carb. Read for yourself about how too much carb would harm your body. The more you know the easier it would get to put things into practice. Having the habit of planning your meals for a week or so, before you go grocery shopping would be of great help. Try to include whole grains, meat, vegetables and whole fat foods more in your main meals. Wheat, sugar and low-fat processed food would all be enemies, at least until you get back to normal weight. That doesn’t mean you can eat a whole lot of them afterwards. When you cut down sugar, starch and carbohydrates your hunger level goes down and makes it easier to lose weight. So you will be more than excited to lose weight when you actually see the difference it makes.

Know the power of workout

I have seen people starving without getting their body down to work. This could be utterly foolish and completely unhealthy. If you really want to get in shape and have a good figure you need to work out. Look for what kind of exercises suit you. Try out yoga, go to the gym or take regular walks and see what works for you. Eating the right food isn’t enough, you have to burn down your calories. When you continuously workout you’ll feel your body gets lighter and flexible. More than anything it’s going to boost your mood and you’ll start feeling confident and more able. The very feeling will want you to keep striving. To have your motivation at peak, hang one of your old pair of pants on your cloth rack or on your wardrobe, somewhere you can see it often. So that every morning you can check how well you fit into it. Then you’ll know how much more you need to work.

The universal problem of snacking….. 

Do you seriously struggle with snaking or didn’t you realize you have been gobbling tons of it for ages? Never mind, seal the dead past and get on with the challenge. You have to constantly remind yourself of why you need to lose weight and keep track of how well you have preceded; this would help you to avoid unnecessary snacking. When you have the willpower to achieve what you want, everything will automatically fall into place. If you still struggle with snacking problems try shifting your focus. Having a busy schedule and keeping yourself occupied in a healthy manner would save you a lot from these kinds of issues. So if you have a lot of time in your hands you can entertain yourself in better ways, rather than just scrolling down and snacking at a big candy bar. Be mindful of your target and try to engage in something that interests you. Take a walk, read a book or do something you like. This will take away your attention for your cravings. Don’t forget that you can try some organic treats like raw mango or umbrella seasoned with a little bit of salt and chili. Finally the most important thing is to make sure you have the persistence to maintain what you achieved and not gain weight all over again. Don’t stress yourself over it, make having a healthy diet a habit in life and do exercises regularly. This could be more than enough to save you from the troubles of gaining weight.

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