How To Initiate A Private Terrace Garden?

When we think of urban concrete jungle, green space or green patch would be a relief to sore eyes, so that’s why city dwellers have started active gardening. Recently, a private terrace garden has become an urban feature. Terrace garden became a solution that works well, because of lack of open spaces and ground to the same, provided we do it in the right way.

In the last decades, we can say the green roof has become an important component for sustainable urban development.

Advantages of Terrace Gardening

We should never be afraid of change because we may lose something good, but in return, we may gain something even better.

Likewise, there are so many benefits to the terrace garden.


  1. Reduce the indoor temperature by 6-8 degree and also can reduce air conditioning cost.
  2. Reduce overall heat absorption of buildings and insulate the building against heat and cold.
  3. The convenience of safe, pesticide-free, healthy green vegetables.
  4. Conducive to a routine of physical exercise, clean air, and being close to nature.
  5. Increases the amount of oxygen in the air. 
  6. Reduce sound pollution.
  7. Act as a habitat of city-weary birds.
  8. It is cheaper from the cost of daily buying essentials.


Why private terrace garden is important in this scenario

When the lockdown during COVID-19 began, no one could go out. But there was a rule that only one member from a family can buy vegetables, fruits and essentials and keep stock. This being said, another problem raised as people bought loads and stock was not available as there were no vehicles for commuting. So, people had to buy what was available. The cost of each essential skyrocketed as vendors thought this was their time to gain for their business.

Also, when people went out to buy essentials, there was a high risk of contracting the deadly virus. They were not wearing masks, washing hands, and were also not following the rules of social distancing. Some asymptomatic people who are freely moving with no knowledge that they carry the deadly virus have the possibility to spread to others.

Also, they have to stand in lengthy queues for billing and this is also another way you can easily contradict the Coronavirus.

So, to avoid all these, the only solution to the problem is starting private terrace garden in their house. Terrace gardenor roof garden is a garden in which we can grow vegetables, fruits and flowers on terraces, balconies or roofs of the building.

As it is safer and has more benefits in health issue because we use only organic vegetables not chemical-induced one.

Also, for future generations to know about the benefits of nature and make them addicted to farming.

More people, mothers in particular, have taken the chance to grow their own vegetables- that are organic, free from unwanted fertilizers, pesticides, more nutritious, filling and also definitely healthy for the families. This was a tradition during the old times, and now it has seen revival revived with great enthusiasm.

Set your aspect right

Whether your balcony is facing the shady north, the hot south or the rising the and setting sun of the east or the wet–the aspect of the sun is the most important factor to consider when you are beginning the project.

The plants require having their own unique amount of sunshine, that’s why it is important to choose varieties that coincide with what the balcony has to offer.

Then we have to consider whether the roof surface can bear the weight of the soil. Wet soil is heavier than one can usually conceive.

To prevent the seepage of water into the room below, the roof has to waterproof. Also, the terrace should have adequate drainage so that rain and irrigation water can drain off quickly.

While you are in the designing stage to ensure that you have “thriller, spiller, and filler” techniques of planting, so it incorporates multiple varieties in one pot. To explain-thriller is the focal upright, the spiller is cascade over the pot, and the filler is to take up the spaces in between.

Maintain Vertical

If the balcony is small, then maintaining a vertical garden is advisable, as it is a space-saving concept that uses the vertical walls of your balcony. There are unique ways to use this method like using pallets filled with soil and fixed to the wall, attaching pots to the trellis, you can hang gutters in the chain, or you can go for terracing in planter stairs. Note that the vertical garden has a splash factor so it can dirty the walls from overhead watering. It is advisable to drip irrigation to avoid this problem and we can combine it with a catchment system in the bottom.

Challenges faced

As George Eliot once said It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses, we must plant more trees.

Likewise, setting a garden is not a simple task. Check the challenges that come on the way and solve it to fulfil your dreams.

We have to secure vessels by fastening a stable structure and also use a thick mulch to reduce the evaporation of water as high winds that an effortless task on tall buildings will knock some pots.

Excess water flows down to the neighbour’s deck of people moving on the sidewalk, so include large trays for all pots.

To keep birds from harming your plants, cover the exposed soil with fine chicken wire.

Overall green roofs are an excellent investment for the future and are likely to become workable and common. So plan for it.

We should seek health, not diseases, as it will last longer than we think.

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