5 Reasons You Should Watch The ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’ On Netflix.

Guardian; The Lonely and Great God

Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” also known as “Goblin” is a 16 episode fantasy Korean drama, written by Kim Eun-sook, is one of the most mysterious and addicting show you have ever watched. In recent times, this binge-watch material drama Goblin has become a cultural phenomenon and has achieved the impressive feature of being the first cable TV-show to score over 20% on nation-wide ratings, and now it is among the June’s mega-hit on Netflix.

According to Korean mythology, ‘Goblin’ refers to an immortal, spiritual being who helps humans through hard times or not, depending on his choice. The Busan star, Gong Yoo has played the character of the ‘Goblin’ here in the drama. He plays the role of leading character Kim Shin, an over 900-year-old immortal God – destined to live with an invisible sword stuck to his chest, till he finds his “Goblin Bride” who can pull it out.

Apart from the historical and fantastical aspect of the story, the drama contains lots of witty banter, romance, bromance, comedy, action, and the mysterious supernatural side to keep you hooked. This show can make you feel many emotions at the times, and If you are new to the world of K-dramas, this might be the best drama to start with.

So, Let’s see if we can convince you with these 5 reasons on why should you watch “Goblin” or “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God”: 

Casting & Acting

The “Goblin” has an excellent cast. I can say that this would be one drama with perfect star casting. Every actor in this drama embodied their character really well that it almost made me forget their past acting roles. It seems as if they wrote the characters in Goblin with the actor or actress in mind.

The Goblin & The Bride

The love & chemistry between human and immortal is not new both in cinema and literature, but “Goblin” offers something fresh to this theme. It is not a cliché love-story where every element of the narration is rotating around, it is something different. Although, the Goblin and his bride had an immense age difference, but the writer normalizes it.


This drama comprises one of the best soundtracks of all time that had won several awards too, in 2017. The album comprises 16 killer tracks composed by some of the best Korean artists, including (Ailee, Crush, and Mamammo). Even some of its tracks also have views on YouTube in millions.

The Bromance

One interaction that was the most enjoyable in the drama is the genuine friendship that existed between the Goblin and the Reaper. One can not overlook the great bromance between these two immortal beings are around 900+ years old acting like kids of 20 something year old. There were so many wonderful scenes between these two dudes which were very fun and satisfying to watch.


“Goblin” delivered such gorgeous and spectacle scenes that bring out the characteristics of the trio fantasy, romantic & comedy genre so well. The fictitious cinematography contents of Kim Shin’s war god and the fate of Dokkaebi were captured on an impressive blockbuster scale.

Besides, the art types of equipment and gorgeous special effects which showed utility was also great. The imagination footages, which are close to reality, attracted the viewers’ eyes and ears.

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