Did You Watch These 10 Blockbuster Movies Of the ’90s?

Did You Watch These 10 Blockbuster Movies Of the '90s?

The 1990s produced some of the most iconic films of all time. Some were sci-fi, action-adventure, rom-com, and some gorgeous animations.  Here we are with the best of the 90s collection that one should watch. These films have changed the face of the film industry and box office.

10 Blockbuster Movies Of the ’90s

Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump is a tale of a slow-witted but sweet man whose life and romance occur alongside. In the United States, events of the 20th century.  Tom Hanks’ acting skills give a heart-warming feel in the film.

It taught us that “life is like a chocolate Box”, then this comedy drama film starring Tom Hanks as a man who witnesses and influences several defining historic events in the U.S.  No other movie has captured our heart and won Best Picture at the 1995 Oscars. It still tops the list of blockbusters.

10 Things I Hate About You

The classic teen film inspired by modern literature of Shakespeare’s Taming of the shrew has everything from sweet high school romance to comedy. Head ledger scene singing “Can’t take my eyes off of you” is still one of the greatest rom-com scenes of all time.

Toy Story

Don’t lie, if I asked  you that as a kid  didn’t, you imagined your toys coming alive. Toy Story was the movie that brought this childhood fantasy to life. An imaginative story and some of the most beloved characters that make this file an adventure series. Yes, at total 5 parts in the series.

The toy story franchise followed the gang on their daring mission to rescue wood from toy collectors. After the cowboy meets other toys from Woody’s roundup series like bullseye and jessie. Though leaving becomes a more challenging task. Toy story series have received more regard than original.

Home Alone

Kelvin accidentally left out of McCallister’s family vacation. He must face two robbers who have their sights set on his home. This 1990 film has received most of the praise and cemented as a family classic. 

The Christmas movie series that’s more nostalgic. This hilarious spirited and accidentally left behind by his family as a pair of burglars, a situation which may have many slapstick sciences.

The Shawshank Redemption

The uplifting prison drama that’s a stellar adaptation of a Stephen king novel. A former banker convicted of double murder forms a friendship with another inmate with a life sentence. The resulting tale being one of triumph, tragedy and redemption.


90s dark thriller that delivers a masterful suspense and tension, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman star as two detectives down a serial killer. Who incorporates the seven deadly sins into his murders?

Jurassic Park

The sci-fi adventure follows a group who must escape the genetically engineered dinosaurs that have been let loose on the island they’re. This classic adventure film received huge praise from the audience for impressive graphics. 

In the insufficient time, this received a franchise from director Steven Spielberg with an immediate sequel.  Jurassic park raised the bar of the film industry in 1993’s not only for its riveting story but also theme park. The park is full of dinosaurs and also for its then groundbreaking CGI Technology.

The Lion King

The 90s animated film of Disney follows royal lion cub Simba. He tells an epic story of adventure as he takes on the quest to become king. Memorable Elton John soundtrack and some of the best Disney numbers. There’s no surprise that this true classic is a favorite of even today’s kids. They release part 2 in 2019, which also receives much love from today’s kids.

The film received universal acclaim for its beautiful visuals, emotions and memorable songs. 


The movie about a tornado chasing knucklehead would be such a tremendous hit. The performance of actors Helen Hunt and late great Bill Paxton was zany and crazy enough to earn it’s cool at Box office. There hasn’t any film after Twister that threw realism completely out of the door. It was no less breath-taking to watch on the enormous screen.


How do you expect this list to end without this movie? Titanic, the tragic love story centered on the privileged but lonely Rose and Jack, the poor but imaginative artist she meets., scenes have ruled the heart of every 90s kid, and even today’s kid loved to watch this movie. If you still haven’t watched this, then go watch before you miss out on such cinematography with an epic storyline.

Whether you are in the mood for cheesy rom-com or thriller watching these nostalgic films will be like you’re back to the 90s again. The only difference is that you won’t be able to purchase VHS tape on rent. Which was only enjoyed by 90s kids.

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