These 10 Strange Natural Phenomena Will Make You Speechless

These 10 Strange Natural Phenomena Will Make You Speechless

A universe is a curious place. Nature cannot surprise us with something extraordinary from now and then. Snow-capped mountains, northern lights, breathtaking weather beauty to mesmerizing waterfalls are common natural phenomena you might have witnessed once in a lifetime. However, you know mother nature always has something shocking and strange natural phenomena that will make you wonder and speechless. These strange phenomena occur in the universe, some are without explanation while some are dangerous, and some are just cool and exciting.

Get ready to explore 10 strange natural phenomena that will surely leave your mouth wide open in awe and few will shock you from within.

10 Natural Strange Phenomena


Every one of us knows about the rainbow and just how beautiful it is, but what about not so distant and not so pretty Moonbow? Moonbow is created when water droplets combine with mists made from waterfalls to provide the perfect medium to produce this phenomenon. Because the moon is not nearly as bright as the sun, moonbows are much harder to see than a rainbow, but when you do, it is a sight to behold.
This phenomenon happens only when the moon is very low, the sky is dark and rain is falling opposite the moon.

Volcanic Lightning

Just imagine standing beside an active volcano. Are you getting goosebumps? Right? If not, then you might not have witnessed a volcano emitting lightning yet. This crazy phenomenon is called “Dirty thunderstorms”, where volcanic eruptions also produce lightning and are enough to scare the hell out of anyone.

Steam Eruptions

Most of the children and even youngsters go crazy over playing in the mud, but what about when muds boil? And produce never-ending steam rays, isn’t this strange and wow! If you still want to witness this crazy natural phenomenon occurring, then head to the Hverir, Iceland, and witness it to believe it.

Nacreous Clouds

Though these prismatic clouds appear not to be real. They can be observed in the polar regions at full glory. Also known as the “mother of pearls”, these clouds are only visible during the twilight hours at the crack of dawn and after sunset.

Spotted Lake

Spots in the lake, am ‘I joke to you? No, though this sounds unbelievable, it’s true, and this strange phenomenon occurs as the saline and highly concentrated water of the spotted lake in Osoyoos. It evaporates during the summer, leaving behind colorful deposits. 

Russian Light Pillars

One of the most fascinating strange phenomena of nature. The colors of nature can be well observed in cold countries like Russia. The light from the sun and moon reflect against the ice crystals, producing varied colored light columns.

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

Rainbow Eucalyptus hails are seen from the Philippines and Indonesia. The colorful tree stripes are usually stripped of old and new bark, the thin layers peel away it reveals younger ones with brighter Colors. This tree is one of the natural colorful phenomena. The youngest bark is green then purple, red, and brown as the tree turned old it loses the chlorophyll.


Many people mistake waterspouts for a moving tornado over a body of water. In reality, it is a cloud rotating column of air over Water and its seems to be much weaker than tornados. This strange phenomenon mainly occurs in tropical and subtropical climates. 

Glowing Beaches

Fairy lights of the beach. You must have heard or seen in pictures about a beach that glows during night time. This natural phenomenon is caused by phytoplankton in water that gives off light when agitated by movements of waves and Eddie’s. These microorganisms can be seen at beaches in Maldives, Puerto Rico, and many more around the world. This is one of the most beautiful scenes to experience once in a lifetime on your bucket list.

Hidden Beach, Mexico

Would you believe me if I tell you a bomb blast in Mexico resulted in a hidden beach? It is located a few miles off Mexico’s coast. The hidden beach was caused by a blast by the Mexican government as a part of the target practice. Know you may be shocked, but this is real. This beach is now everyone’s dream destination. 

At times nature has its own weird, wonderful way to mess with our head by presenting natural occurrences too surreal to be true, yet they are with the bits of nature’s creativity and loads of science it takes to understand these strange phenomena. Keep an eye out, you never know when you could encounter one.

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