Pakistan’s Business Tycoon, Malik Riaz, Sues Uzma Khan Worth Rs. 5 Billion For Defamation Over Recent Scandal Of His Daughter.

The move came in an aftermath of a recent video footage where Amna Usman was beating up actress Uzma Khan for having an affair with her husband. 

Uzma The Home Wrecker?

Post Eid ul Fitr a video went viral on social media. The video was shot in a house in DHA Phase 6, Lahore. During night time. It entailed graphical footage of Amna Usman barging in a house where Uzma Khan lived with her sister Huma Khan. The footage shows us glimpses of armed guards equipped with enormous guns on them. Amna Usman accompanied with daughters of Malik Riaz indulge in acts of violence. We see them grabbing glass objects and constantly striking Uzma Khan while Huma Khan hides next to a door. The background noise is full of slurs and abuses hurled at the sisters. By the end of the visual clip, we see how water (alcohol or oil?) being splashed at them and there are broken pieces of glass and bloodstains on the floor. Huma Khan’s injured foot is visibly bleeding. Dialogues like, “Hath laga kay dekho, laganay deti hai?” (You dare try to touch us?) are audible which take a spark on social media, as there are accusations against Malik sisters for psychologically harming the girls. “Aunty ek aur chance day de.” (Please give us another chance) received criticism and people believe that Uzma was involved in the scandal with Amna’s husband Usman Malik. Hence people had many opinions on the case. The incident went viral over night and was trending with the hash tag #UzmaKhan over twitter. 

The Wife Speaks Up!

The next day, Amna Usman made a video directing the entire spat going on over the social media. As she made a case for herself, she informed the audience on how she found out that Uzma Khan had an affair with her husband Usman Malik. She believed that if another wife found her husband in the same way at some girl’s house, she would have reacted even worse than she did. She further explains how they have an 11-year-old son and she reportedly warned Uzma Khan to stop approaching her husband. After repeated warnings, she ultimately went to her husband’s house. She claims that they did not throw any oil, but it was alcohol that the sisters and Usman were drinking. The bottles they broke were also the alcohol bottles, according to her. There were statements regarding Hassaan Niazi, the lawyer too.

Uzma Khan Press Conference 

The silence remained for two days, after which Uzma Khan tweeted that she will conduct her press conference. At the Lahore Press Club on 28th May 2020 the conference started around 4 PM where her lawyer addressed the issues and clauses for the case. He talks about how they found it so difficult to get the FIR registered and the problems they were facing with the institutions in Pakistan. How the sisters had rented the house, and they were living there from a while now. We see Uzma to be answering very less and the news reporters ask many questions but the chaos is overwhelming, and they soon dismissed the conference.

What Is Hassaan Niazi Doing?

Hassaan Niazi a barrister takes up this case and stays active on his twitter account in the fight against injustice. He is facing a lot of backlash and is taking a revenge from Malik Riaz, as claimed by Amna Usman in her video. Hassaan Pakistan’s Business Tycoon, Malik Riaz, sues Uzma Khan worth Rs. 5 billion for defamation over recent scandal of his daughter. The move came in an aftermath of a recent video footage where Amna Usman beat up Uzma Khan for having an affair with her husband. 

What Is Hassaan Niazi Doing?

Hassaan Niazi a barrister takes up this case and stays active on his twitter account in the fight against injustice. He has to face a lot of backlash and might be taking some a revenge from Malik Riaz, as claimed by Amna Usman in her video. Hassaan Niazi after a few days responded to claims by Amna Usman through a Live session he did. In this video crossing 20 minutes he talks about how he respects Amna Usman, but personal attacks should not have been made on him. Personal attack like the being in a relationship with Huma Khan. Another statement said by Amna Usman in her video. Hence Hassaan Niazi calls out Amna Usman on what she said and states how Amna Usman is the home-wrecker creating misunderstandings with his wife. A slogan he chants in his video is, “Hassaan Niazi nae bikega” (Hassan Niazi will not back-off). While people keep saying that everyone will make a deal so will Hassaan Niazi but he addresses this issue and claims how he is here for restoration of law and not personal gains like getting a house in Bahria.

Waqar Zaka’S Take

Waqar Zaka plays an interesting role in this entire issue that went viral on social media. He is the researcher he claims to be, came up with various leads. Here as a citizen journalist he made several videos on this issue, interviewed various people including Uzma and Hassaan, neighbors of Amna Usman and journalists living abroad to take their opinion. He played audio clips of Uzma Khan in his videos and revealed sensitive information. According to him, a mafia of PR agencies contact husbands, provide them with girls and grab money from their wives while they dismantle the institution of marriage as they trap the wives and make a fool out of them. This is what he found from his research.

What’s the role of Malik Riaz?

Uzma Khan and her lawyers repeatedly mention Malik Riaz, the owner of Bahria Town, People have questioned and raised that are powerful people above the law? Will anyone in a power barge in someone’s house like this and abuse them physically? Will the law do nothing about it and remain silent? These questions raised in the minds of people as the fear lurked. Various celebrities talked about this issue and raised their voices. Malik Riaz has no direct involvement n this case. Amna Usman is not even the daughter of Malik Riaz. Uzma named Amber and Pashmina, daughters of Malik Riaz to be present there. It’s important to realize however that the scandal was of Usman Malik, Amna Usman’s husband. Who once again has no direct link to the immediate family of Malik Riaz. Yes, one can say that the guards and show of power was because they belonged to the tycoon’s family. But everyone has their own perspective and Malik Riaz who feels attacked filed a case against Uzma Khan for defamation.

Where is Uzma Khan?

Uzma Khan has recently taken the case back and stated that it was a misunderstanding between the two parties. Some people like Waqar Zaka claim that she has signed a contract with a channel. Rumors are that it is the ARY Group. Everyone is presenting their grain of truth that they believe in. 

We hope for a speedy recovery of all injured physically and psychologically in this incident.

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