Do You Want to Protect Our Planet Earth from Misery?

Do You Want to Protect Our Planet from Misery?

Are we safe and all good as we seem to be? Not all of us care about many things that don’t directly impact us. As a result, human beings are driven to be blind about what’s happening to our planet. Unless we take conscious effort to realize the weight of the problem, we are heading towards greater danger. We are made to believe all that matters is earning our living and how well we spend. Do we realize there’s an urgency to protect our planet from misery? For how long are we going to be headless in dealing with the dilemma?

Let’s wake up and call the world towards a change. All that could take to save the planet from misery is a little more concern. You know that the earth is in a miserable condition. Do you realize how threatening it is to us, and to any other living beings?

Do the thoughts of the destruction of the planet disturb you? It’s never too late. Don’t get overwhelmed. As human beings, we are liable to make mistakes, but we have a second chance. We all have special memories with nature that we hold dear for a lifetime. Let’s rekindle the love and concern we owe our planet. Amazingly, nature recovers on its own after any kind of turmoil. It could be man-made or natural. We shall revive the hope of taking care of the healing planet. 

Let’s not make ‘saving the earth” a philosophical discussion. We, as responsible individuals and communities, can make an effort within our ability to set things straight. If we can change our everyday habits, that could serve a lot to save our earth from misery.

All known, but the little practiced “reduce, reuse and recycle”

We just need to take this seriously to solve most of the problems. It’s important to be aware of the consumerist culture that forces us to keep on purchasing. Our needs and wants have to be reassessed. How many things do we need to survive in this modern world? Most often than not, we are trapped into buying what lay only as an option. Developing a minimalistic attitude towards life could save your money and the earth. See how productive you can become by choosing wisely while shopping.

Start by making a few adjustments in your lifestyle. Get down to a little paperwork on what you need for a month. When you think of buying something, check if you can make use of something you already have instead of buying. Let your brain be more creative so you’ll come with amazing products. To make things more practical, you badly need some containers to store food, make ornaments, or lanterns. You very well know that you have some jam jars. What keeps you worrying is the sizes or colors of them. This is when you have to take the right decision. Do some research and make your own thing. This is how you save the earth.

For God’s sake, please cut down on polythene

Polythene has sickened our earth and its living beings. Slowly let’s learn to switch to alternatives. We have to reuse whatever we have in possession. Don’t be super productive and throw away everything. That’ll only adds to the problem. Avoid buying more polythene and make use of what you have. When you need to buy something made of polythene or plastic look for some substitute. You could be hoard polythene during grocery shopping. Try to make alternatives to it.

Carry a few cloth bags and glass jars. So you can fill them all without using polythene. If you seriously care about being eco-friendly, you’ll avoid everything that comes in plastic wraps. You can use waxed cloth wraps to store food in the fridge. These are a few situations where I had to figure out how to minimize polythene usage. Everyone has a different lifestyle and instances where you need to decide whether to use anything harmful to the environment. Do your research, seek help, and then do your contribution to save our planet from misery.

Make it the new norm

People always lookout for what’s new and trendy. If you need to bring about a greater change, your message needs to reach the public most attractively. You need to grow a thick skin and prepare yourself to face the challenge. There’ll be haters who are just there to criticize and question and look down upon your revolution. None of that is your concern. Be polite and firm. Share and discuss measures you can take to save the earth from misery. Invite friends and family, work out projects on how you can create awareness on going green. Let them see a living example in you.

Promote it as the novel trend that the world wants to see. Be passionateThink of alternative ways to call distinct groups of people, youngsters, elderly, school going kids, and working parents. Get your community kids excited about the challenge to plant trees and use less plastic. Get the schools in the area involved. Give easy and plausible tips to overcome issues when they try to implement the strategies you propose. Get your welfare societies involved, because you could find people passionate about a good cause. Carry out writing and painting competitions on how to protect our healing planet. Get on projects that’ll encourage students to pursue studies on climate change, earth, and the environment.

Portray the need to take urgent action through any means possible. I wouldn’t say everything is going to work out. If you want your effort to save the earth to create an impact, then you need to work together. Start with baby steps. See what could work for your community. Gradually introduce changes. People have to collectively get hold of the new norm. Every small step taken to avoid harm to the environment will lead to saving our planet from misery.

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