What Kind Of Military Do We Need Actually?

I also don't know what kind of military we need because I believe we don't need military. But, in the reality, it seems that the military institution is very necessary for every country to stand well in the world.

I also don’t know what kind of military we need because I believe we don’t need military. But, in the reality, it seems that the military institution is very necessary for every country to stand well in the world. The military is one of the characters of measuring the superpower of countries together with politics, economics, and culture in the current human community. And that there are millions of people working in it as military personnel shows people’s acceptance of their military with their collaboration. Also, there are some countries opposed to their countries’ military system, but it is the only system not the existence of a military institution. So it is impossible to remove the military from the countries’ governance institutions. So, all we can do about the military is to maintain and support to be a kind of military we want to see. We need to ask our society “What kind of military do we need? “

According to the military strength ranking by annual GFP review,

5 most powerful militaries in the world

  • USA
  • Russia
  • China
  • India
  • Japan

5 least powerful military exist

  • Bhutan
  • Libra
  • Somalia
  • Suriname
  • Sierra Leone

We need the most powerful military or the military which has most personnel, or a land most powerful one, or air force powerful one, or navy most powerful military? It might depend on your country’s geopolitical situations, diplomatic situation, and other facts. Whatever it is the kind of most powerful one you think you need for your country, there are doors of capital and risks to pass through. Because military institution does not know how to seek for money for its own cost but to spend. The more your country can provide financial support, the more powerful military you would see. You should have to be ready to see some shits military organization could commit to people of your country, or people of other countries, or human society. 9/11 attack, U.S attack in Iran, U.S and Vietnam war, China’s navy ship within the South China Sea, and long term civil wars such as ones in my country, Myanmar. Those military high capital invested had never been a solution to a conflict. It had always been an organization to step back to find a solution to a conflict. I have never seen a conflict solved by war or military power. Since the U.S attack in Iran, terrorism (Taliban) issues in the world have become getting bigger, not disappear. After many decades of Tatmadaw( Myanmar military ) organization’s power building, new ethnic armed groups appeared and civil wars in my country had never stopped. The fight is based on the theory: The more you fight, the more you want to fight. There is no conflict in which making both sides’ militaries to step back to find a solution to it.

Since after World War 2, the official reasons for every countries’ military institution are for their self-own protection according to UN agreement. But I don’t well understand what the U.S military happened with their response to the 9/11 case and the Vietnam war. Today, we can find China’s navy ships in the South China Sea following these sorts of manner in small countries. The main reason military institution is powerful in every country is that we never trust each other. So none of the countries also has never acted as the worth of getting trusted. This is why we happily pay tax from our income for our country’s military organization. Because we think our military is a solution to our safeness. For me, I always prefer to invest in promoting peacebuilding concepts for conflict solving.

We need a military that always knows how to step back instead of the traditional ways of the military. If I could wish, I wish any of the militaries were ready to before finding peaceful solutions by themselves instead of supporting the peace concept. If personnel in the field well understand peace concepts, it is much easier to find the real solution to a conflict. I think the military is the personnel working in the field of the wars. They need to learn and apply peace concepts much more than the country’s political personnel. Thus, I believe the military is one that can apply peace concepts in their military processes.

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