Top 7 Revolutionary TV Friendships That Are Unparalleled

Top 7 Revolutionary TV Friendships That Are Unparalleled

While many shows revolve around romantic interests, there are always some characters who are just the epitome of friendship goals and these platonic friendships catch our attention. These friendships are what we aspire to have and bring a comedic twist to every show that we just cannot resist. Now we bring to you these 7 Revolutionary TV Friendships Unparalleled throughout time, and even though you may have your own best friend, you will be jealous of these duos.

Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter

Cory and Shawn | Girl Meets World Wiki | Fandom

One of the most iconic TV friendships that is timeless. Cory Matthews, a suburban child growing up with everything he needs and Shawn Hunter, a child raised in the Trailer Park with absent parents. Completely opposite and yet perfect together, this duo without a doubt proves that opposites attract. Their friendship lasted throughout the show Boy Meets World and continued to their spin-off show, Girl Meets World. A friendship that faced every situation possible and created a whole new bar for friendships with their bromance. 

Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing

Even though F.R.I.E.N.D.S was the ultimate show for all generations and had amazing friendships, Joey and Chandler were the best. The combination of the “player” and the “awkward” one leads to a timeless friendship that we all are envious of to date. Bonding over pizza and beers to arguing like a married couple, this friendship reached its peak of comedy.

Every Joey needs his Chandler because one without the other is just impossible and incomplete. 

Dean Winchester and Castiel

An Angel of the Lord and a Hunter, Castiel, and Dean are an unlikely pair but share a “profound bone” according to Castiel (Sorry Sammy). Both have died over 100 times and yet bounce right back. Weird, but they make it work. Supernatural is one of the best shows that give us a fantasy world with werewolves and angels and demons and so much more with Dean and Sam Winchester hunting monsters and saving people, you know, The Family Business. Castiel raised Dean from hell and have been best buddies since unless you count their first time meeting each other where Dean may have stabbed Castiel but don’t worry, it worked out. 

Maya Hart and Riley Matthews

Ah, our first female duo and undoubtedly the most contrasting duo. Riley Mattews, daughter of Cory Matthews from Boy Meets World and Maya who has almost the same family background as Shawn Hunter who later on becomes her stepfather. This pair is truly the dream of every friendship. Their ring power and the bay window are just beautiful and the most wholesome friendship that we have ever seen. They go through the problems faced in high school and discover themselves while supporting each other and being inseparable. 

Jake Peralta and Charles Boyle

Jake and Charles, the pair that always comes up with the perfect high five for each situation and let us not forget the absolute support and adoration they have for each other. It is unquestionably a delight to watch Charles introduce himself as Jake’s best friend; it’s adorable to watch and you just feel like wrapping Charles up in a blanket and seeing Jake hype up Charles is just wholesome. These two are the best friends we all wish we had. 

Caroline Channing and Max Black

Caroline, a girl from wealth who went to Wharton now suddenly loses all her money and is stuck working in a diner where a wild girl who never thinks twice now taken in Caroline and begins their wonderful cupcake journey. Max and Caroline are the cutest and most open friendships we have ever seen and have no secrets. Their humor and character growth are the most entertaining parts of this show. With their everyday work in the diner and their cupcake business, this duo shows us that anything is possible when you have a friend by your side. 

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

Last but not the least, the consulting detective and the soldier who never came home from the war going around London and solving crimes. Sherlock and John are the most unlikely pair, but when you put a high-functioning sociopath and a war doctor together, I guess we can expect a beautiful friendship that we just cannot get enough of. Sherlock cannot comprehend human emotions but put him with John Watson and they are unbreakable and face new criminal masterminds with each passing day. With them, the game is always on!

These revolutionary friendships not only prove that opposites attract but also the value of having a person beside you through thick and thin who will never give up on you. We all need someone and these friendships are unparalleled and heartwarming that we are just unable to leave them and we can only hope to have such a beautiful friendship. But for now, let us enjoy ourselves through them and learn something new along the way. 

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