These Are The 7 Terrific Experience Of Deep-Sea Divers

Water covers nearly three quarters of our Earth’s surface. What lies beneath is a fascinating and mysterious world of submerged canyons, coral and dazzling marine life. You know entering the home of whales, sharks, jellyfish and other sea creatures usually means doing Scuba diving.

Diving can be rare and peaceful communication with Marine nature. Though it can be a panic attack when you come across dangerous creatures down by the sea. Deep divers and water divers share their unforgettable experience of diving.

Here are 7 Terrific Experience Of Deep-Sea Divers

1. Kicked Out Of A Fish House

I was diving 85 feet down in Bermuda, coming out of the wheelhouse of an old fishing boat. I felt something tap my hand and when I turn my head with thoughts of all kinds of terrifying sea creatures reaching out to grab my hand. I saw a tiny little fish fling itself into my hand and waving its fine at me. As if to say “Get out of my house! Go on, scram”. Later on I was laughing, thinking of that incident.

2. A Meal

When I was younger, I used to dive and snorkel a lot in the Florida keys. On one trip I was snorkelling and was swimming, everything was great until I spotted a Group of big barracudas. One of the barracudas was closest to me and turned a bit towards me, while the rest of the group was a little far. I have known them to attain k divers. So I swam away slowly. Luckily they didn’t come towards me.

This one was the scariest incident to me.

3. That Water Mystery

I was thirteen, and was down by the beach. My brother and I went down there to play a lot around then.  There’s a seagull and Seema to be common around. He flies down to the water to grab a tasty fish. Well, it must have misjudged the size because whatever, I grabbed it from the seagull and dragged it under water.

4. Lost In The Underwater Abyss

There’s a lake near my hometown and there I was, knee boarding. The water is very murky. The front end of the board dipped downward into the water, but anyhow I kept holding on to the rope. I shot probably a good 20+ ft deep in the matter of a couple of seconds. When I let go of rope, I lost my place in space. It was pitch black and I couldn’t tell if I was right side up or upside down. Didn’t really find anything scary but being lost in space is truly terrifying. From then, I started buying buoyant life jackets.

5. Could’ve Been gulp Up

I was doing drift diving in Mexico. Suddenly I saw an enormous grouper off in the distance. Though still I drift towards it soon. I realised it was far bigger than I had thought and was putting myself in danger. Grouper could have taken me down too far or damaged my gear or knocked me out. As I have seen, a video of these things eating foot sharks. After that dive; I was not shook-up.

6. Found A Hand

I and my friends were diving and found a fisherman’s glove with a hand still inside it. We brought the glove and submitted it to the local police station. Officer informed us they had received any kind of report of a guy with a missing hand.

7. Chased By Fleet Of Fish

This one is a fun incident. I was snorkelling on the gulf of Mexico. I had set up a small beach trip where water dropped to about 20 ft deep just a scant distance offshore. It was going fun as we were seeing hundreds of fish, which scared the few people.

So at one point I’m just swimming back up to the shallow beach and turn around to swim backwards. When I see, I don’t know there are 6-12 of these small fish with white bodies and yellow fins. Moments later, I’m scrambling up on the sand like a shark is right on my ass. I look around to see if anyone noticed me being a fool. I know they weren’t dangerous, it’s just something frightening as chased by tiny probably harmless fish while snorkelling scared the crap out of me.

These were some unforgettable sea divers. It will shake you or scare the hell out of you but still once in a life you should do deep sea diving. Nature will literally amaze you.

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