These Are The 5 Uplifting Series You Must Watch

These Are The 5 Uplifting Series You Must Watch

The battle of creators and censor has been going on since ages. Due to that actual content miss out.  The webspace in the country is still relatively young. We have got enough glimpse of potential content. Which we are able to produce.

There are some wonderful TV show and web series streaming on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube and on may other platforms.  So we list down some of our favourite web series that you definitely must check out.  You can watch during the end of a stressful workday or on weekends.

These 5 web series you can watch with a family members or loved ones that are sure to leave with a smile despite of the gloomy day.

  • The 5 Uplifting Web Series

1. The Pitchers

“Tu Kya Hai? ((What are you?)”, This question is often ask by people. Few of them have the courage to answer this question and the rest bunch just choose to move along with their life. Pitchers is a show about 4 friends who quit their job to work on their ‘million dollar idea’. This five-episode takes us through the struggles of this group as they work towards turning the dream into reality. You will find everything in this series like friendship, love, Jokes, family, passion and life lessons This is one of ideal web series with the perfect storyline and epic dialogues.

2. Little Things

One of the cutest little cutest Indian web series based on life of a couple in a relationship won the hearts of people every since is released. The refreshing and realistic take on love blooming between two youngsters over little things in the big city of Mumbai is probably the biggest selling point of the show. The Indian web series recently released its second season. This series explores the imbalance within the couple without over dramatizing their situation. That makes it’s a must watch series at any time.

3. Tripling

“Crisis ke waqt family hi kaam aati hai” the tagline of this show is enough to give you a gist of what to expect. This shows is about an unplanned trip with three siblings who aren’t on the best of terms. All three main leads  have done complete justice to their roles and makes the argument and binding authentic which adds further depth to the show. For sure it’s not the road trip which we saw in Bollywood . All in all Tripling is a cheerful misadventure that we all can relate to and digs a bit more about live of these siblings.

4. Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek is still an undiscovered gem for many despite it having first aired in 2015. A rich family’s world is turned upside down when they lose all their money and forces to move to the backwater town, they bought for their son as a joke. The series starts as a comedy of predictable contrasts, but over the last four series it developed into something more inclusive.

5. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

One of the most people’s favourite shows till date, there’s the reason why F.R.I.E.N.D.S behind it. It’s a forever comforting, calming on screen go to with the capacity to make you laugh with belly. It’s a show about relationship, both platonic and romantic, a universal theme that everyone can relate to. After all who hasn’t sat down with their own friends and asked, ‘which friend are you?”. Friends is a light-hearted, funny and times touching tribute to human connection and return tht now we all know the importance of that’s All in all, a good dose of nostalgia never hurt anyone with incredible dialogues and numerous jokes.

These were the few web series you must must watch, if you haven’t yet. No matter in which mood you are these series will log you up.

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