How To Rekindle The Passion Of An Entrepreneur?

How To Rekindle The Passion Of An Entrepreneur?

Don’t wait for the opportunity but go create it.

Having several competitors in this business world is very difficult to survive. But here we are talking about that one person who not only survived but became successful, that too at a very young age of 23.

That is the story of Vishal Jain, a young entrepreneur who currently owns 5 companies, all this by reaching the height of success over 4 years.

Although a digital marketer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion–like some other famous entrepreneur’s Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, he is also a college dropout.

When it is a custom for 19-year-olds to get a college degree and placed in a company with a fixed pay package, Vishal at that stage was chasing after his passion to become an expert in social media marketing. Now, because of his hard work, resilience, and fearlessness ventured out of his comfort zone and made it big, breaking the custom of 19-year-olds.

Initial Hardships

When you have passion, tough times don’t last, but tough people do. He also had a tough time at the start. He had to wait for some time to start his venture due to a lack of finance. Initially, he sold Virtual Assistant services on a website called Fiverr. He did hourly jobs like data entry, data research, transcribing, virtual assistant. He also discovered other websites like People Per Hour & Upwork and did freelancing for about 20 hours per day.

Then he saw demand for designing and social media marketing in those websites and started learning about it in YouTube videos. He then provided digital services on those websites and later sold on his websites to save his 20% of income through those platforms. He learned to become a professional website designer through YouTube videos and later on started his first company, SunShy Digital Media Agency.

For his relatability, he is at the top with his social marketing skills and living to conquer unknown territories through his entrepreneurial abilities.

Only simple people bring out marvelous results. He built 2 more companies SunShy Enterprises- a manufacturing company that produces industrial goods, SunShy Jewels- a high-end fashion jewelry store that sells exclusive handcrafted jewels. Adding to his 2 more companies in social media, Realstagram and Instagram Specialist all became successful through his investment services.

Investment goal

Push yourself, as no one else is going to do it in your life. This is an exception as he planned his investment carefully. He invested 95% of his profit and just spend 5% on his expense. 

This is done only when you can balance your heart and mind equally so you can be your own master. The same goes for Vishal, as he took the responsibility for himself so he can develop the hunger to accomplish his dreams for success.


Owing to his achievements, Vishal was invited to be a member of the Forbes Agency Council that are invited who are in communities that have executive leaders and leading entrepreneurs in different industries and countries. He is currently a member of the council and also was interviewed by Forbes.

Using his experience, Vishal wrote an eBook Journey To A Million Dollars in which he has mentioned different ways to be an influencer so you can increase profits following on Instagram as it leads to sales and collaboration. This book contains everything you need to know about Instagram Business.

He also writes blogs at and has over 20,000 subscribers.

Vishal’s journey doesn’t end here. He is planning to launch his YouTube channel so he can give people knowledge about personal finance and modern-day skills to make money.

In a recent interview, Vishal predicted influencer marketing is becoming trendy nowadays. This marketing involves endorsements and products that are mentioned by influencers who have a significant amount of following and an expert in their niche. It has similarities to celebrity endorsements.

Vishal’s story is a huge lesson as it is an inspiration for young individuals who are looking for a direction in struggling with their careers. 

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