How To Deal With Insomnia Using These Simple Home Remedies

How To Deal With Insomnia Using These Simple Home Remedies

What is Insomnia? 

For a normal person, sleep for 7-8 hours is necessary to stay healthy. Only in this way, one can be productive, brain cells work normally and actively. Insomnia is a condition where a person cannot fall asleep or the sleep duration is disrupted. Such people spend their nights all awake counting the stars. Although it sounds negligible, those who cannot sleep properly suffer a lot. Slowly their brain deteriorates and such people become less productive and lazy. 

Insomnia may be Short-term which occur occasionally because of certain off-routine work, stress, eating late or eating heavy dinner, or maybe because of some medicines. It may last for a few days or a couple of weeks, but can be easily sorted out by bringing yourself back to normal routine life. 

While there is also Long-term insomnia, which stays for a longer period or maybe a lifetime with you. It can be problematic in situations as a person cannot sleep properly and can not be as active as one should have to be. Lack of sleep makes a person lazy, irritable, exhausted and being angry. 

General medications available 

One cannot stay awake forever without finding a solution to this life-wrenching Insomnia. Different drugs are available in the market, which can be used for the time being, but you must find some permanent and long-term way out of this situation. 

These drugs treat the symptoms and reduce sleeplessness, but for a temporary period. In other words, you can become dependent on the medicine for a longer period or for the rest of your life in severe cases.

We should find a reliable and alternative solution to the said problem because not being able to have enough sleep is not a joke. 

Home Remedies for Insomnia treatment

The best solution could be “Home Remedies” as they are always beneficial. There are many pros of using home remedies such as –

  1. They are simple and easy to use
  2. Mostly the ingredients are available right in your kitchen
  3. They are cost-effective and reliable
  4. If a certain home remedy doesn’t work for you, it will never harm you either as it contains herbal ingredients

But one must have profound knowledge of the things they are going to use. Never use anything you are unaware of. For treating Insomnia, such remedies work best. Here I will discuss a few of those tried and tested remedies. I have tried most of them by myself too and believe me; they work!

  1. Keep Balanced Diet: For healthy sleep, you must make your body healthy. A balanced diet includes all the components which are required for good health. There are lots of components present in your food which induces good sleep. Your food must contain the right amount of proteins, vitamins, fats, minerals. The presence of such ingredients also aids in your sleeping habits and helps you sleep faster and longer without restlessness. 
  2. Do Regular Exercise: To keep yourself fit, you must make a habit of exercise regularly. This will not only improve your body but also reduce your insomniac condition. You need not exercise right before going to bed rather you can set up any time in the morning or daytime and keep it regular and you are going to feel the difference.
  3. Avoid Eating Heavy Meals After 8PM: Eating heavy meals late at night may disturb your stomach as it needs more time to digest properly. Improper digestion causes acidity which will ultimately lead to restlessness and you cannot sleep properly. If you continue with such habits, it will lead to insomnia. 
  4. Drink Herbal Tea: Herbal Tea, such as Camomile Tea, Passionflower, Valerian plant roots have tremendous effects on reducing stress and anxiety. They provide relaxation by calming down your body and muscles and releasing such hormones for a good mood. These herbs are in use for centuries.
  5. Take A Warm Shower: Taking a warm bath before bed lightens your body and relaxes your muscles. In this way, it helps you fall into sound sleep easily and helps you fight insomnia. 
  6. Do Yoga And Meditation: Recent studies have shown that doing yoga and meditation regularly helps you to concentrate better. It not only increases your focus, but it also helps your soul to relax. When your mind and soul are satisfied, you are at a better chance to beat up insomnia and enjoy your sleep. 
  7. Keep Sleep Inducing Plants In Your Room: There are millions of plant species that are used by people as ornamental plants for decoration in gardens and indoor as well. Most of the ‘sleep inducers’ which create such aura in the room which helps you fall asleep faster. Such plants include Aloe Vera, Bamboo plant, Chamomile, Chinese Evergreen, Golden Pothos, Jasmine, Lavender, and Passionflower. 
  8. Get Enough Sunlight: Sun is a natural source of vitamin D and melatonin. The formation of melatonin enhances your mood and induces relaxation. Sunlight is a natural clock through which your body sets up which time is to get energized and when to sleep down. 
  9. Try To Manage Your Stress: The best way to reduce stress is to understand the root cause of your stress, Remember only you can take yourself out of stress and depression. You must know your own self and your body and treat accordingly to eradicate the stress or depression so you can sleep sound and relaxed.

Fast tricks

  • Don’t eat heavy foods late at night
  • Avoid taking too much nicotine or caffeine 
  • Always eat sleep inducer food at night
  • Make your time schedule and follow it
  • The male habit of regular exercise
  • Do yoga and meditation regularly
  • Deal with your stress at early stages


The most important thing is that you must know your body and your lifestyle and if you have felt restless, the first thing you must do is to change your lifestyle positively. Only you can help yourself. Short-term insomnia will vanish off in a few weeks or months. And if the condition gets worse, you must visit your doctor. 

You can also manage your sleepless night in doing some positive activity. The night is the best time to write your inner feelings so, start writing. You can do poetry, painting, or knitting. Try to shed off all the negative thoughts. Listen to soft music and relax. You can pray also and make your bond with God Almighty stronger. Peace!

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