Do You Need to Leave the House to Travel?

Do You Need to Leave the House to Travel?

I know what you’re thinking. I must be crazy, right? Well, let’s first know what is travel? Reputed online dictionary Lexico defines “travel” chiefly as “going from one place to another”. Now, it says “typically over a distance”. Sitting isn’t traveling. Yet have no other option, as there are dire circumstances. We’re stuck at home for an uncertain interval. Travel enthusiasts just want freedom. The only solution is spiritual elevation.

But can you travel from home? What if I tell you it is possible? How would you react if you could theoretically experience all the magnificent travel you desire? That is what I’m here to tell you. You don’t have to go far and beyond to feel the rush of adrenaline; nor to eat the foods, smell the aroma, and savor the memories. Yes, I, the crazy person, will show you how you can do “at-home travel”. You don’t even need to leave the house.

I’ve always been more skeptical than trusting. Perhaps more so than you might be. This idea just hit me when I was writing the headlines for this week’s articles. Yet, I feel sorry for the travelers. I wondered what do they must go through, being stuck at home with no joy. Then, I remembered the lines from the amazing book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” where Joseph Murphy said: “Your subconscious is just a projection of your thoughts; for this, it cannot decide; so your abstract beliefs come about physically”. And this is the key to my understanding of at-home travel. 

Here’s how you can travel without leaving home.

First, befriend the mindset

You need to get in the right mindset to achieve anything productive out of this travel. This is true for all travel journeys. The unwise traveler is always stuck inside his camera and forgets to take notes. He or she more likely, won’t get any enlightening experiences out of the travel. His travel is fruitless because he didn’t believe in savoring. He saw only what was there. And that’s a waste. You need to feel the change.

The book says you can tell your subconscious any lie. Lying could devastate, or it could get you what you desire. To convince your subconscious of superb ideas.

You can do this through prayers. You can tell yourself every day: “I am ready. So what if I can’t go outside? I can still reap the benefits of travel. Everything I need is right here at hand. I can use the internet. I have a marvelous imagination which can take me anywhere I desire”. Yeah, I’m serious. When you get in the right mindset, you will feel readiness of mind and body. You will feel fresh. Then you’re ready to pick your destination.

Next, immerse in your destination

You want experiences. You need to savor that salty, crunchy, tantalizing bite, the gentle waves, and rainy football with locals. Your subconscious can help:

1. Read a book: Reading a book is a good thing, regardless of the motive! It is the best way to learn about anything. But you need not read an entire book; just flipping through a few pages is enough to get an idea. Online book stores and some free e-book outlets are there to help.

2. Watch a movie: Watching movies can be productive. Who knew they could be so? Now, I’m not a movie person. But when I watch a movie, I pay very close attention. I owe a lot of my writing style to American movies. Even TV series like Downton Abbey taught me subtle mannerisms of the British. There’s no shortage of Eastern culture in the film either. You will find something for yourself.

3. View a food review: If you’re a very empathetic person, food reviews are an attractive choice for you. You will feel you’re there. You can almost smell that crunchy fish fry, delicious baba ganoush, or sensual white chocolate. This will not only educate you on local cuisine but elevate your senses.

4. Research: This is less reading and more “reading up”. Yes, I know, to some of you, movies or food aren’t enough. You want to know about all the wars; the history behind the famous monument inspires you. Then get digging. You will probably have fun doing the research. Thus it’s a journey of its own. Hey, why don’t you find out the story behind Christ the Redeemer and let me know?

5. Take notes: Knowledge that you can’t apply outside yourself isn’t knowledge. If you don’t write, you’ll forget. So you need to be recording your observations of your desired research. Only then your virtual journey will be successful.

Third, reflect on your change

A delightful journey makes you see life differently, doesn’t it? You need to open up your eyes to notice the differences among places. You need to see the people, language, food, clothes, buildings, streets, and billboards thoroughly and feel them during your travel. Besides, the chief things like religion and philosophy love to hide in plain sight. A journey leaves you feeling like a toddler again. It makes you feel fresh, innocent, and explores your inner self. This is the drive that pushes you to climb mountains, make friends, and just run. Run from home to an unknown place; lean towards fresh faces from familiar ones. Traveling has this beautiful human aspect.

You know that you’ve succeeded when you can use something new you learned. You do this by comparing your destination to home; and by writing what you’ve learned and understood the similarities and differences. Try connecting with Parisians. You will comprehend the romantic city and understand why it is the world’s gastronomical center. Maybe you will love learning food habits so much that you attempt on cooking. Albeit it wasn’t the best, but it’s a practical application. Maybe the unending Indian festivals made you remember your wife’s birthday is next week and you have nothing planned. That is the whole point of travel.

Then embark on a personal venture

Travel makes you feel great. This is because of your biological wiring. Escaping the monotony of mundane life makes us feel overfilled with joy. Thankfully, traveling from place to place is not the only way to experience this.

Exercise releases endorphins. These are feel-good hormones. They affect your mood similar to morphine (painkiller). Thus they ease pain and induce an affirmative state.

Accomplishing your goals also makes you feel great. Undertaking and accomplishing any personal feat always tastes like victory. It feels like reaching for the clouds on that mountaintop; you know?

Finally, bask in memories

If there’s anything I know about you, it’s that you might have taken lots of fantastic photos in the past. Each one of those pictures represents a journey; and if you’re lucky, one incredible moment too. I bet the time you dived in headfirst into a lake or rode camels in a desert still enthralls you. So what can you do with these powerful feelings?

Once again, note it down. Go through each picture. Bask at the glory it represents. And write… something, anything. Whatever you remember about it. Make a diary out of this. By the end, you might even have a complete book and you will realize why Parisians love food so much, or why Indonesia has so many volcanoes!

What have you learned?

So at-home travel is no sci-fi. Following through, you’ll have: 

  • A better understanding of the culture of your travel destination. 
  • A resourceful collection of notes.
  • Better health than you started with, or 
  • A somewhat fluffy chocolate cake. 

Remember: It’s all that you can project upon your subconscious mind.

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