Do These 3 Simple Things Every Morning

Do These 3 Simple Things Every Morning

We wake up every morning, brush our teeth and suit up to get to work. That’s the most efficient way because it’s how we’ve been doing it for years, right? Wrong! What if I told you if you forget to do some of the most important things every morning? Doing these 3 simple things can give you a head start. And luckily, you don’t even need to hit the gym for most of them.
You are most energetic in the morning; your energy is just suppressed by lack of willpower. The morning is the first thing you experience after your longest resting period. What you do in the morning influences your entire day. You should use this time by being productive. How can you do that? Here are 3 of the simplest things that you can do to add a healthy head start to your day.

Tip #1: Drink water. It has at least 5 significant benefits:

There is a reason water is the basis of life. It makes up at least 60% of our body. Besides its roles in water balance, temperature regulation and metabolic functions; drinking water has some surprising benefits, too.

Before we get to the benefits, you must know the recommended daily water intake. American Institution CDC recommends around 3.7 liters for the average male and 2.5 for females (the study). A Chinese institution recommends 1.5 liters (women) to 1.7 litres (men). Even though there is an enormous gap in these two sets, the necessity of water is apparent. Therefore, you get enough water daily. Obviously, the amount of water you need to drink depends on your body weight.
Now, here are 5 significant benefits of drinking water in the morning:

Morning hydration gives you glowing skin.
It’s not just gossip with girls that drinking water in the morning gives you lighter, healthier-looking skin. Water expels unwanted toxins from the blood. I’ve started drinking morning water myself after a friend recommended it to me and not only did I feel better, I got compliments on my look.

Drinking water in the morning quickly hydrates you.
Staying hydrated is one of your duties to yourself. After a night’s sleep like a log, you want something that quickly hydrates you. Water is your safest option. Especially for teens that drinking water in the morning is essential for growth.

Water is good for your cognitive function.
Drinking water first thing in the morning jump-starts your mind. It makes you feel alert and up for the challenges of the day. My eldest uncle says this is the secret to his youth, even in his fifties.

Water rids you of stinky morning breath.
Bad breath? Gross. However, we’ve all struggled with this. Thankfully, you don’t need some concoction to help fight it. In fact, researchers found that water does a skilled job of washing out the chemicals causing bad breath. Rinsing does the job, too; but why not just drink some water?

Drinking water in the morning yields immunity from many diseases.
From absorption in the stomach to toxins in your blood, water helps fight some diseases.

Tip #2: Move your legs! Morning is the best time for a workout.

Get your body moving. Is morning the best time for exercise? Who knows? It’s the peak hour for exercise. In males, the male hormone testosterone is strenuous just after you awaken. So, a man may do 45 pushups compared to the average 30.

Besides, there’s a certain beauty in jogging into the sunrise, feeling the warmth of the peeking sun and the smell of fresh dew on grass.

Admittedly, “Move!” leaves out all forms of exercise other than cardio; but the point is, morning is a wonderful time to exercise. It can make you more alert. Some even argue that exercising in the morning burns more fat. Honestly, I have exercised in the morning myself and it felt great.
The form of exercise may be: cardio, jogging, HIIT, etc. These paired with stretching and/or meditation every day can take you to a new level of fitness. Though, keep in mind that a jog will not have the same effect as 30 repetitions of pushups. You should make a routine for your workouts. Don’t work out the same muscles every day. I have made this error in judgment, realized it, and spaced out my workouts. It’s giving me much better results. I can do more pushups every day than the previous and I’m steadily reaching a global standard for fitness. I owe a lot of this to morning workouts.
So, please make a routine for your workouts. Include every muscle group. Consider things like: form matters not reps; cardio before weights is detrimental; don’t stop at your breaking point, etc. These are universal (for all kinds of workout).

Tip #3: Stretch.

Stretching your limbs and core has many benefits. 
For starters, it increases your flexibility and range of motion. It also releases tension in the bone joints. Apart from that, stretching improves agility and speed.
But stretching is a two-edged sword. I tell you to do it, yet not on lifting days, or any strength workout. Studies have found that stretching might inhibit optimal strength performance. Before running or cardio, however, you may stretch. But I advise it not to do it before lifting weights.

So, those were the three things that you can do in the morning to improve your day. These have proven benefits. They are harmless (except stretching before weights). So why not try them? I can guarantee that you will have got your entire life together. Your face in the mirror in the morning is the reflection of your entire day. So, start your day on a strong footing with these 3 healthy habits.

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