7 Ways To Deal With A Chaotic Relationship

7 Ways To Deal With A Chaotic Relationship

Life is not always a bed of roses, neither a relationship is. Ups and downs are inevitable. How we deal with them is all what matters. The subject of relationships itself is just manipulated by profit-oriented industries. They portray relationships as such a fragile thing which requires no serious commitment. It’s unfortunate to see knowingly or unknowingly most of us have fallen prey to these plots. Thus, it’s high time to step back and think of how much control we have over our relationships. 

Silence as tool

Relationships are all lovey-dovey at the beginning. As you get more comfortable with each other, you could be less concerned of how you behave or treat your other. If we don’t try to be conscious of our words and actions we are going to get in trouble. When one of you is moody or in trouble, the other person has to understand it and calm down the situation. Help them overcome their problem not by lecturing, instead keep your cool, do whatever is possible by you.  If you try to bring in your logic and statistics, it’s only going to worsen the situation. Silence could help like no other in a situation like this. Yet another such instance when silence could save our relationship is when a light-hearted conversation gets heated. Remain silent and invest your time and energy on something more productive. 

Wait for the right time……

If you frequently get into a quarrel, don’t respond then and there. Both of you need to be tolerant and save a date to sort things out. Don’t lose patience and abruptly get into arguments and spoil your day. Especially when you’re about to set out for work or something important. Bottling it all up and pouring it out, as soon as both got home would do no good either. If you really value your relationship you would not want to handle issues hastily. Wait for the right time to bring things to the, it could serve a great deal to maintain a smooth relationship. Never bring up those discussions when you’re emotionally overwhelmed. Sometimes it could be hard to not to be emotionally taken when you have to deal with pain. It’s okay for you to melt down, but be calm and try to take an approach that is helpful to reconcile. 

Can you change your significant other? 

We are all different in nature. Though we might have similar personalities, we could be different in so many ways. Which is why falling into contradictions is very common. Having this said, can we expect our partner to change for us? Hoping for it would most probably only add to the chaos. You have to learn to accept your partner for who they are. If it’s something seriously bad or threatening in any way, you can of course negotiate and attempt to solve the matter or even think twice about your relationship. You can’t make every little problem a huge thing and create a fuss. It’s in your hands to rationally deal with them. She might not perfectly make your favorite dish as you want, and he might not place the brush in the right place and or hang the towel in the wrong way. If you constantly keep complaining about such minor matters you’re going to end up in unnecessary issues. Try not to focus on what’s missing in them and be happy with whatever good they do. 

Who’s worthy of listening to your relationship issues?

Disagreements are nothing new in any relationship. At times you would even feel like that’s the end of the world. When you’re in such a situation, you would badly want someone to talk to about your heartache. It’s a crucial moment in life to decide with whom you’re going to share your worries with. Don’t get carried away and talk to every single person you know and turn it into a turmoil. If you have a friend or a relative or anyone who truly has good intentions for you, maybe you can think of talking to them about it. They should be someone who wants to solve the problem and not intensify. They should be able to make a fair judgement and shouldn’t be biased towards you. The best thing you could do to solve it is getting professional help, that way you know you are always on safer grounds.   

Is giving up on your partner a solution?   

When problems continue for quite a while and get out of hand it’s easy to give up all together. It’s hard to get back on track when you’re overwhelmed by pain. That would want you to end the relationship itself. We are made to believe that relationships are so frivolous and require no long-term commitment. Isn’t it time to rethink about it? There was a time in history when the broken had room for mending. We can always look back and relearn the true spirit of love. There are plenty of options lying around when you think of giving up on your loved one. Know that every other person you think would be a better option might have something you still don’t know about. Life is so unpredictable with whoever you choose to live with.  

Let your beloved win and see what happens…. 

Do you think you have to win over every argument you get into? Making decisions as a couple is no easy task, but if you aim to win over every time you talk about something, that’s problematic. You could be right, and it could even have a greater impact on something that both of you are going to decide. The only way you can do this is by negotiating peacefully. Let your partner win over your discussion for a couple of times and see what happens. Let them share their opinions and you have to respect them. Your partner could just fall for your kindness. 

Fight to stay together 

Whenever you run into a brick wall in your relationship, you have to be mindful that it’s both of you who are going to get hurt. Don’t make it a competition between the two to win over battles with your decisions alone. Your focus shouldn’t be the problem itself, pay attention to things that you can do together. Learn to let go, make compromises when needed, and fight battles together to find tranquility in each other. 

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