7 Food Brands You Didn’t Know Were Owned By Your Favorite Stars

Mostly celebrities appear in advertisements and may sponsor brands, but these stars have taken it a step further by creating a brand of their own. Though they may be known for their performances but thanks to their hefty bank accounts, they have also invested in ventures from water bottles to comfort foods.

You might already know about some of the fashion brands celebrity owns, like Khloé Kardashian’s Good American denim line and Jessica Alba’s The Honest Co, but you probably don’t know any of these foods & drinks brands which are owned by your favorite celebrities:

1. Beyonce (22 Days Nutrition)

The 22 Days Nutrition Meal Planner is a vegan meal plan service; which is named because of the theory that it takes 21 days to make a habit – so, by day 22, you’re completely hooked. This brand offers plant-based prepared meals and organic ingredients, along with a line of protein bars and powders, that are available for online purchases.

2. Justin Timberlake (Bai)

Justin Timberlake is a famous pop star and an occasional actor. Before embarking on a music career, he was a member of a very popular boy band NSYNC. He invested in the food brand called Bai. It Offers soft drinks of low-calorie. Although the company had been sold to Dr.Pepper in 2016, but the artist is said to be actively involved with it.

3. Katy Perry (Core Premium Bottled)

The Californian pop singer, Katy Perry is a big name in the Music industry. Only at the age of 34, the Teenage Dream artist has released many chart-topping songs, and also, ranked in Forbes highest-earning women list. In 2015, Katy invested in Core Premium Bottle Water. Along with her, other celebrities, like Juicy J & Max Martin also backed the brand.

4. Drake (Virginia Black Whiskey)

Popular Singer Drake launched his own liquor in 2016. And In September 2016, it broke the record for the largest first-day sales in Ontario. But later in 2018, he announced that his brands Virginia black Whiskey open for the investors. Drake’s liquor taste is said to be smoother and sweeter than the average bourbon.

5. Jaden & Will Smith (Just Water)

Just Water is an eco-friendly bottled water company that was founded by Jaden Smith & his father, Will Smith. When Jaden was 10 years old, he noticed a lot of plastic in the ocean while surfing. He insisted his family to do something about it, and this led to the formation of Just Water. Just Water’s Bottles are made entirely of recyclable resources.

6. Madonna (Vita Cocoa)

Vita Coco is a popular coconut water brand which claims to provide replenish & re-hydrate product. Many celebrities have interested in Vita Coco, but none more than Madonna, who invested 1.5 million dollars and became a part-owner.  She is the best-selling female record artist of all time with over 300 million sold albums worldwide.

7. Oprah (O, That’s Good!)

Oprah Winfrey is one of the wealthiest women on the earth; best known for her show The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her net worth is around $2.9 billion. Her brand O, That’s Good!, offers comfort food which can be easily available in many grocery stores in the US. The food lineup includes frozen pizza, soup, and other dishes like mashed potatoes.

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