5 Facts To Escape The Scary Corona: Do’s And Don’ts

The outbreak of COVID-19 has reached to an alarming state. Cases are increasing day by day, in this situation senior citizens, children, diabetic patients, cancer patients, pregnant women are at high risk of infection. Therefore, there is need to take extra precautions to break the chain of COVID-19 and to prevent the further spread of the infection.

Do’s – Following points may help to stay away from the infection:

Wash your hands: It is advised to wash your hands frequently using hand wash or soaps for at least 20 seconds. It is advised to sanitize your hands with alcohol-based hand rubs, as alcohols helps to remove the microbes from the surface.

Maintain social distancing: The synonyms used for social distancing are ‘quarantine’ or ‘self-isolation’. These are quite impactful to break the chain of COVID-19 and slows down and prevent the further spread of new COVID-19 and minimize disease transmission. In case of sexual transmission of corona virus, there is no reliable research, official communication or scientific report from trusted authorities is not available in this moment. At shops or at departmental stores maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance from the other persons. To get into practice, one should avoid to go to public places and engage themselves in indoor activities.

Increase fluid intake: The infection of COVOD-19 is one of the respiratory tract infections, hence it is recommended to increase the fluid intake. Attributed benefits of fluids include replacing increased insensible fluid losses, correcting dehydration from reduced intake and reducing the viscosity of mucus. Moreover, intake of warm water, green tea, etc. also prevents the infection as the microbes are sensitive to high temperature.

Healthy Diet: Try to add citrus fruits and vegetables, zinc-containing foods and proteins in your daily diet. Citrus fruits (lemon, orange, tomatoes) are rich in Vitamin C content and helps to boost immunity. Intake of protein rich and zinc-containing diets provide strength to the body, some of them include cheese, egg yolk, lentils, beans and nuts. In addition to these, caffeine, garlic, turmeric, ginger are also advised to include in diet, as they all helps to prevent infections.

Medical Care: In case of fever, dry cough and difficulty in breathing complaints, it is advised to consult to seek medical care as antibiotics are not always the correct medication to fight of infections caused by coronavirus. Face masks should be used, if an individual is suffering from common cold and cough. Special care should be taken in case of senior citizens and children.

Main Hygiene: Clean the floor and commonly touched objects at least once a day at home. The vegetables and fruits brought from the vendors should be washed with luke warm water for 10 minutes. The packet items purchased should be kept in sunlight for around 2 hours. Avoid, online shopping, transaction of bank notes. Put face masks, whenever going outside. Cleaning and limited contacts to Pets and animals.

Don’ts- Following are few preventive measures to avoid the infections:

Do not touch your face and nose: Medical advisories from World Heal Organization (WHO) advice to avoid frequent touching of face, nose and mouth. Often touching, may allow the virus to enter the respiratory tract of host organism and cause infection and also may lead further spreading. Not to touch any objects or face after coughing or sneezing.

Do not go to crowded places: Avoid using public places like gyms, shopping malls, markets, swimming pools, public transport, meetings, conferences, social gatherings. As they are crowded area, and we are unaware that who is infected or not, so knowingly or unknowing we can come into contact to the infected and we may catch infection.

Do not travel: Travelling from one place to another may increase the chance of getting infected. Airports, railway stations, bus stations, plains trains and buses are being travelled by varied people from different-different locations. In airports persons are being examines but it is not possible to perform at railway stations and bus stations. Hence, if it is very necessary then only travel rather avoid travelling, then take proper precautions and it is advised to quarantine yourself for 14 days.

Do not panic: In this situation, plenty of information are available on internet, newspaper and television regarding symptoms, cure available and number of cases related stuffs. All the information available are always not correct, and spread of false information and promises about the cure of disease add panic and lead to mass population to myths and misinformation. This led to chaos and may generate adverse effect on the efforts to contain the epidemic.

Stay connected to the loved ones using electronic devices only….

Stay home, Stay safe and Stay happy !!!!

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