3 Reasons To Rethink Your Right To Choose

3 Reasons To Rethink Your Right To Choose

Every individual owns the right to choose. We are here to create a world of our own. Make the best out of your right to choose. Fitting into something, not custom made for us is far from comfortable. Sooner or later we all stumble upon a steep road. Then it makes you realize your right to choose is all worth it.

How free are we to exercise our right to choose?

Human beings are not born as a clean slate as it’s commonly said. Our parents have a right to choose for us until a certain point in time. However, we all deserve to be given the right to choose whenever we want to. Do we all have a choice to decide what we need to do with life? Unfortunately, most of us are blindly made to follow the crowd. People around us could have the purest intentions for us but, they might not always be right. How free is a child within a household? Do elders care about the choices they are willing to make? Honestly, how easy is it for an adult to acknowledge an opinion of a kid? It’s just absurd. Children are little human beings who deserved to be treated equally as an adult. Their thoughts and actions have their value.

Parents and caregivers need to understand children need their own space to grow. Parents cannot always get kids to do things their way. It could simply be choosing an outfit for the day or activity. You just can’t force the child to like what you like for no reason. All because you like coloring more you force the child to do it. And you don’t let the child do some crafting he/she likes. By doing this, you just snatch away their true selves. They must be given the chance to explore different activities in their ways. Priority lies in what they are enthusiastic about. In no way we can aspire to relive the success story we want to see through our kids. They are born in a different time. They might have completely different personalities than you. They need the freedom to be who they are and who they want to become. 

What holds us back from the right to choose?

As children grow older, they have their aspirations for life. Are they provided with opportunities to try them out? We have failed as a society; we want kids to shine with flying colors in their scores. How many of them will practically help them navigate the storms of life? Have we ever thought about what the common education system does is just damaging? Children could be very unique. We can’t assess their abilities by compelling them to learn what does not interest them. They deserve the right to choose for them. Education should enable them to identify their abilities and help them excel. Instead, we are being constantly pulled into a system that wants only to produce human machines. Why don’t we dare to question anything problematic? We are being blindfolded into believing that everything around us is normal. We are taught to play safe and not risk an attempt to experiment with our dreams. We just can’t let go of the norms.  

Societal pressure drives people crazy. Why are people being judged for the choices they make? Do we have the authority to pass judgments on anything we have no full knowledge of? Have we ever had a second thought before talking about someone’s unfortunate situation? When someone fails to live up to other’s expectations, they don’t even want to face society anymore. Snide remarks and demeaning comments can completely shutter people down. This could turn out to be psychologically abusive too. We have to understand that we are under no obligation to prove anything to anyone. Chase your dreams, no matter how many times you fail. “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains” You need to learn to undo the knots that no longer serve a purpose as you move forward. You own the right to choose your way of life, strive to make the best out of it.  

Are you trapped in ourselves?

Breaking free from our prison is just as important. Living in your head is toxic. Fear and uncertainty could ruin you within. Your thoughts have power, only as much as you give. Don’t ever let your pessimistic feelings take over you. Let go of what weighs you down. Explore your strengths and weaknesses. You must keep yourself occupied. List your priorities and set your work. More than anything, know how to love yourself. None can ever do it to you as you do. Believe in yourself. Keep looking for your calling in life. Remember you owe yourself the right to choose. You don’t have to trouble yourself with others’ opinions or other unrealistic thoughts. Let it not cloud your vision. Go for what you think and feel is good for you.

People, in some way or the other, have to fight for their freedom. They could be entangled in troubles that others cause or it could even battle they fight within them. Though the world does not say it loud enough, we all have the right to choose. Don’t fear consequences and sit back. Never let what people have to say take control of your decisions. The silent battles you fight within you, it’s all worth it. Let it not overtake you. Calm down and slowly learn to deal with them. Your right to choose should make you empowered and enable you to become a better version of you with each passing day.

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