3 Harsh Reasons Why You Break-Up

3 Harsh Reasons Why You Break-Up

Do all rocky relationships end in a break-up? We all have difficulties in any relationship. People cannot find reasons to love more, instead, they focus on how various things going in life could lead to a break-up. When people can overlook shortcomings and let love play its magic, there’s no place for the break-up in the equation.  

Love is easier and spontaneous during the early phase of a relationship. Over time, we need to feed it with extra care and concern. Love could easily get buried within our busy schedules and routines. We need to be mindful of how important it’s letting it not go rusty. It’s when love diminishes that you tire of each other. You’ll notice more mistakes than appreciate all the good they do for us. If you feel like your relationship is falling apart, you need to identify what leads to the unsettling situation. 

Projecting your pain and insecurities lead to the break-up

Every one of us has gone through some difficulties in life. When we try to project the repercussions of it on our partners, it gets problematic. We could carry the remains of certain unfortunate incidents deep within us. When we get stressed over something at work, we can get easily upset for the slightest slip by our partner. We take them for granted. We do not understand about the effect it has on the other person. If you get used to such behavior don’t get surprised by the lack of attention you get from your beloved. Breaking-up is probably the last thought in your head. However, you never realize you gave a fair reason for your partner to think about the break-up.

The way we were brought up and our households have a lot to do with how we deal with our relationship. In no way our unfortunate upbringing can poorly reflect in our love life. We can’t find an excuse saying we didn’t have parents who taught us to treat each other with respect. We need to know our partner deserves good care and kindness, regardless of what our experiences are. We can’t expect them to be true and fair if we aren’t ready to rectify our mistakes and reconcile. Never let your insecure feelings stir doubts about your partner. You need to be confident of who you are. Stop imagining there could be someone better than you, whom your partner might get attracted to. Focus on what you need to do more to get better in life. Trust your partner and stay focused on strengthening your relationship. 

The absence of clear communication could end in a break-up

As human beings, we all tend to err. We can’t just sweep them under the rug and move on. We have to learn to solve problems. Not to wait till things get out of hand and think of parting ways. Open communication is the key to fruitful relationships. If you bottle up your worries you are going to burst out in unexpected ways. We need to take a healthy approach to resolve issues. There could trouble thoughts running in your head and you don’t open up to your partner about them. All that he/she receives on the other end is your snide remarks and cold treatment. How fair is it to expect your partner to understand unless to clarify matters? 

We need to understand the importance of communication. Take time to freely talk to each other. Avoid being judgemental. Listen to what your partner has to say. Never try to win over arguments to make things happen. You and your partner can’t be the two opposing teams trying to win a match. It’s you and your partner vs the problem. You might have different personalities. One might cry out loud and the other might be calm and collected. Understand each other’s temperament and support one other to communicate things. Have the right intention and sincerely pour out your heart. When you can do that you are ready to fight the battle together, not against each other.

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Toxicity of being a control freak in a relationship

Relationships require a lot of corporations and commitment. We have to compromise and adjust as per need. This does not mean you can force your partner into something. Your relationship should function based on mutual understanding. You need to give the space your partner needs. Constantly checking on them with authority and questioning them is just toxic. It will only ruin your relationship. You can’t be overprotective and deny them freedom. If one of you tries to dictate all the terms and conditions, your relationship is going to suffer. Don’t take control of your partner. Be by their side. Cherish and support them with all your heart. Kindly let each other know about your hopes and desires. Respect their boundaries. Learn to appreciate your partner for who they are. Never try to change them as you wish.

In some way or the other, we all face troubles in our relationship. It could be because of several reasons. We have to be mindful of our behaviors and actions within your relationship. We can’t let the relationship grow and flourish on its own. We need to attempt to set things right. If you don’t take responsibility for your troubles and take measures to deal with them, you’ll end up hurting both of you. Treat your partner with the utmost care and respect, it would work wonders. Be frank and let your partner know who you are, your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be troubled by others’ opinions. Both of you together with design your way to keep love alive. Discuss each other’s likes and dislikes. Make sure you give them the space they need. Never leave issues, unaddressed. Have heartfelt discussions. Break-up would be the last thought in mind when you sincerely love each other and find the best way to strive through problems. 

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